Optional Skills Training with Coach Josh, Every Wednesday at Sporting Chance Center

Time:  4pm - 6pm.  Elementary School ages from 4pm - 5pm.  Middle School ages from 5pm - 6pm.


Cost:  $10 per training session for each child for club members.  $20 for non-club members (if kids want to bring their friends/siblings to join).

Practice locations / information: 

Note that OVA is practicing at both Sporting Chance and Immaculate Heart Middle School.  Practice times and locations on home page.  See below for Covid19 guidelines by location. 

TEAMS MOST Affected by the "Age-up" that happens every August:


* Players that were 12U 6th Graders when the Covid19 shutdown happened are NOW aged up to :  7th Grade "13U" players and should follow 13U schedule above


* ALL Players have "aged up" but only these specifically mentioned have crossed over to a different practice schedule than the level they were previously.




Review of SCC's Covid19 Procedures:


Visitors and Users

·           All persons are required to wear masks when in the facility, including while participating in any on-court activity.  This will include all athletes and coaches during their sessions on the courts.

·           We will check the temperature of every person who enters the SCC. Persons indicating temperature in excess of 101.4 degrees will not be permitted in the facility.

·           Physical distancing will be enforced throughout the Center, except where on-court activity does not allow it.

·           No hugs, high fives, huddles, or hand shaking.

·           For basketball, only skills and shooting drills – no competitive play

·           Participants and their guests should exit the Center as soon as possible after completion of the activity.

·           Please limit spectators to adults, no younger siblings during phase 1.

·           Other protocols may be put in place to promote safety, including limiting number of persons on courts.

Our Staff and Facility

Here are some of the things we are doing to make your experience safe: 

  • Employee wellness checks before every shift

  • Facial masks for all employees

  • Increased sanitation of all touch areas

  • Elimination of some high touch areas

  • Reduced Center capacity

  • Social distancing measures inside the facility 

Program organizers will be required to adhere to all Center guidelines and staff instructions, and to ensure that all of their participants and guests comply. Failure to comply will result in organizers, participants, and guests being required to leave the facility, without refund of facility rental fee.

Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy as we do our best to safely “rebound and return” to activity at the SCC.

Immaculate Heart Covid19 policies: 


OVBA will reopen for activities at Immaculate Heart Gym beginning Monday, Jan 4th, 2021 in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. These are the result of substantial review and consideration of guidelines, recommendations, and rules issued by the CDC, the State of Arizona, and Pima County, as well as input from many OVBA parents.


OVBA has adopted and is implementing procedures that include the following:

Visitor and Player Guidelines: 

  • Coach and staff wellness checks before every shift (temperature check)

  • Temperature check for all players / parents entering the gym.

Hand Sanitizer Provided

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and players encouraged to use it at beginning of practice.

  • Players to use hand sanitizer during practice,  likely at water breaks.

  • Players will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer at the end of practice upon leaving the gym.

Mask Usage

  • Players are NOT Required to wear Masks during practice, but certainly can choose to if desired. 

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to wear a mask inside the gym. 


  • Arrival and departure within 5 minutes of practice time.

  • All parents attending practice must social distance 6 feet from other parents on the gym floor. Bleachers will be closed and unavailable to sit on. 

  • No use of gym water fountains.  All players must come with a name labeled bottle. 

  • All visitors shall leave the gym immediately upon conclusion of practice. 

  • Parents are encouraged to drop off players at practice to eliminate the number of people in the gym.  If parents attend practice, a maximum of one parent / guardian per minor participant are permitted in the gym. 

  • No siblings or other non-participant children allowed in the gym. 

 Activity Guidelines

No high-fives, hugs, huddles, chest-bumping, or handshaking