Dear OVBA families:

Reminder there is NO PRACTICE today, Monday 20th.  The rest of the week maintains the regular schedule. 

Old news, worth repeating: 

TEAM MANAGER APP RSVP & Practice Start Details


We will be looking to give some added emphasis this NEW YEAR on the importance of the usage of TEAM MANAGER App for RSVP'ing (Confirming) your players attendance to practice and game events.  Please make sure you have the Team Manager app installed and you are staying aware of our schedule on that platform.  Please let us know if your player is not going to be at practice.  Players with cell phones will be given new opportunity to take ownership of this responsibility where they can text their coach(es) to let them know they will miss practice.



Heads up, you heard it here first, we will be increasing our emphasis on the need to have all players in their OVBA practice jerseys each practice starting here in 2020.  Before the break, we collected some of your players' practice jerseys to address some logo/number peeling they were having.  The Shop that does our jerseys is addressing these and we also have NEW kits for a decent number of new players in the program.  Jose Campa (our OVBA President) hopes to have received all of these practice jerseys back by Tuesday Jan 7th to hand them out at practices early this week.  Monday's practice is likely not to have them in time.

10U (4th Grade) Winter 2020 Recruiting


We are looking to add players for our 4th Grade - 10U team and have attached our recruiting flyer to this email.  We could use your help spreading the word where ever you can in efforts for us to build this age group team in time for Spring Hardwood Hoops League play (and any Weekend Tourneys leading up to League play).


Schools, Churches, Community groups - all make for excellent places to spread the word.


JAN & Early FEB - Weekend Tournament Schedule


Jumping back into competitive tournament play early in the new year brings us a couple of upcoming events to be aware of:


* 520 Basketball Events - WinterFest OPEN :::  FEB 8-9 or FEB 15-16

        - We are in the process if confirming the weekend that 520 lands on for the final schedule.  We hope to confirm by early next week

        - This tournament is OPEN - and all players club-wide will be welcome to sign up when we announce rosters forming by bout the 3rd week in Jan.


Speaking of practice, just a reminder that being on time for practice is paramount given how little time we have each week to be "in the lab" improving our basketball skills but also preparing for the outstanding competition we face with each tournament or League play we engage in.  On-time for practice is being completely ready 5 mins before the start time of practice and ready to get on the baseline for warmup.  Coaches will be addressing this with players in more detail as we get back to it this week.